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Activist News Australia offers a non-commercial and free community directory of IT related tutorials, for users of all skill levels. Our goal here is to help you solve some computer issues, bypass security thresholds, maximize your online privacy and further promote the importance of free information and the right to file sharing, amongst many other things. Our tutorials are not made to promote particular software’s or products, nor do we get paid for our recommendations. All of the methods posted within are tested and deemed safe and reliable by our authors. If you have any issues with any content within, or if you would like to contribute content to us, please refer to the ‘Contact Us Page‘.

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Security & Privacy Tutorials

VPN Security – How secure is your VPN?

Adding obfsproxy bridges to Tor (Linux Tutorial)


Hacks & Pen Test Tutorials

How to hack Wi-Fi the proper way (Linux Tutorial)

SQL injection for beginners – sqlmap (Windows Tutorial)

How to hack Android smart phones – Remotely (Linux Tutorial)


Software Cracks & Torrents

How to download &/or Re-install official windows 7 ISO (Windows Tutorial)

How to get IVONA text to speech – for free, forever (Windows Tutorial)


Tips, Tricks & Easter Eggs

Why you should avoid DIY site builders to make a website