Israel, Turkey and ISIS are illegally harvesting organs in Syria


Israel, Turkey and ISIS are illegally harvesting organs in Syria

More information has surfaced on the nefarious organ harvesting syndicates that are present in Syria, new information further corroborates the widely believed assertion by many, that the practice is largely being run by Israeli and Turkish interests. Director-General of the Syria Coroner’s Office Hussein Noufel disclosed that the bodily organs of thousands of Syrian civilians have been sold in the international black markets over the past six years.
He claimed “We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighboring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria” . he stated.




With the war in Syria coming into its 6th year, we have seen all sorts of brutality and exploitation being carried out. almost the entirety of this Zionist manufactured war on terrorism, is being played out in the interests of imperialistic US-Israeli foreign policy. Nations like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and the USA have long sought to overthrow Assad and this is why we see all of these nations secretly supporting, arming, training and financing moderate rebels and ISIS militants. I personally dont believe the situation ins Syria has ever been a civil war, it has always been about regime change, oil, resources and the plan to create the greater state of Israel. If all of this information is new to you, or if you want more details, I suggest you check out this video below.


Many of you out there might be wondering who operate and dominate these black markets? well according to many sources, whistle blowers, journalists and many Syrians, the entire operation is being run by the Mossad agents, Turkish agents and ISIS militants. The Arabic Al-Hadath news website quoted the sources as saying that some specific groups that have trained medics have kidnapped the children, mutilated their bodily organs and then left their corpses in remote areas along the border. According to these same reports, an Israeli officer in Turkey is waiting for the children’s organs to be transferred to the black market for transplantation.The sources said that the medical teams of these groups have anesthesiologists, surgeons and a number of armed forces who abduct children and transfer them to safe areas for surgery in brand-new and fully equipped ambulances.
The Spanish daily El Mondo reported that ISIS were now using organs and bodily parts of its captives, as a way to combat the lack of medical support. ISIS are now using organ harvesting as a way to finance its operations and save the lives of injured members. so this is obviously one of the ways that Zionists have tried to isolate themselves from ISIS, by trying to set up these independent streams of passive income and supplies. The reason I say this is because numerous times have the UN observed ISIS militants using the Israeli controlled Golan Heights as a sanctuary from bombing, numerous ISIS militants have also been spotted being treated in Israeli run hospitals.

Israel ISIS organ harvesting syria

Israelis have a very extensive history in the lucrative organ harvesting industry, with many of its victims being sourced from Palestinians. The Zionist, Saudi and Turkish led alliance seems to be a very large part of this trade, with all sides having deep involvement and even being a part of the enabling process which allows for underground black markets to thrive. Now, im no doctor, but one thing I do know is, that there are numerous organs in the human body that are useless, unless they have come out of a living person. another point worth noting is just how widespread this underground practice is, with many of these transplants even taking place in public hospitals. There is just no limit to the level of exploitation that the Zionists are willing to sink to, the complete absence of morality speaks for itself.


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