What is /Goyim/ ?

/Goyim/ is a members only server located on Discord, reserved for private use only. Its is fundamentally used as a community hub but is also used as a way to organise events, network, socialise, operations and brainstorming ideas. As too many YouTubers, Facebook pages and twitter users have been subject to deletion and censorship, we aim to provide a private platform where free speech and community development is made possible. /Goyim/ is a network of activists, hackers, environmentalists, traditionalists, whistle blowers and others from all walks of life, who choose to identify ourselves as ‘Goyim’. /Goyim/ has grown into, and become more organised as a movement of truth, investigation and social justice. /Goyim/ has no strictly defined philosophy and internal debate is a regular feature of the online community. The vast majority of the network have always tried to promote the importance of internet freedom, freedom of association, human rights, independence, self improvement, unity and an informed public.

We do not own Discord or its services, but we have full control over the management of the /goyim/ server and the members within. We hope this platform can provide an alternative to the many problems with conventional social media platforms, with your privacy and security being reinstated. Because Discord uses a client-server architecture for all voice and text communication, your IP is kept securely locked down and out of sight from any bad guys. This means you’re safe from DDOS attacks. If you wish to remain Anonymous, that is fine by us. There are no leaders or any memberships, you become a part when you actually get involved, However this is not a democracy and we will not tolerate shillery or trouble making of any kind  There is no religious bias, political bias, corporate sponsorship or any form of censorship. The importance of free speech and freedom of thought is something that runs deeply within the core values of /Goyim/. The importance of community development and the right to self determination is also one of the motivations behind the /Goyim/ community. Our primary focus is on community development, exposing things like Jewish power, Zionism, political corruption and mainstream media bias, although we do entertain other topics as well.

“Anyone can be Goyim, but not everyone is a /Goy/”



Unity is Strength


Investigation is integral


Knowledge is power


Sick of getting shut down? 



How can you be a part of /Goyim/ ?

If you would like to get involved and network with others, get access to real breaking news and leaks as they occur, have your say in regards to the direction of /Goyim/ , then we suggest you and any of your friends and family who may be interested, get involved. We have provided an invite link below.

Click Here to Join /Goyim/


/Goyim/ Rules:

1. Respect each other, no instigating fights or division of any kind.
2. No unrelated Porn, Spamming or excessive self promotion.
3. This is about unity, do not fight over religion or beliefs.
4. There is no question about who our natural enemy is (((They))).
5. This is a meritocrasy, not a democrasy... No coups or takeovers will work.
6.  Everything that happens here, stays here. No Screenshots to leave this server.
7. all members must go through the vetting process to become a member.
8. Do NOT advocate for violence or any illegal behavior whatsoever.


This guide is meant to help cover Discord’s basic functions, so that you have an easy access point to get set up and talking with minimal difficulty.

  1. Depending on your device, you may be able to use the web-based version, alternatively, you may have to download the discord app.
  2. Sign up may require email verification.
  3. We recommend you turn off notifications (in notification settings on your device) to avoid excessive bells
  4. Your level of involvement may depend on you, long term inactivity may result in being booted.

For more troubleshooting tips and FAQ’s about discord, click here!


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