100% secureAt Activist-News we firmly believe in the importance of supporting your community, and in humans helping other humans. We regularly support different causes and try to promote these fundraisers whenever we can. Every dollar helps the people behind these fundraisers, so get behind them if you can. Donate and share with your friends.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you could really make a difference. Although Activist-News does support these campaigns, they are all independently run. None of the money goes through us. Gofundme is the Internets most trusted crowdfunding website, and you can be sure your donation and information is not recorded and all details are secure.

Fund Raising with Activist-News

If you have a cause, charity or crowdfunder that you would like us to promote and support, please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.
If you would like to contribute financially toward Activist-News.com, please do so by visiting our YouTube channel here, finding the ‘Support Button’ and contributing that way.


Donate to AFOPA

The Australian Friends of Palestine Association AFOPA) Click on the above picture to Donate to AFOPA



  • Provide medical care and treatment for Palestinian families and refugees. 
  • Provide community education and awareness in Australia. 
  • Support Palestinian workers.



We also support the following GoFundMe fundraisers

GoFundMe link - Pungs Story

GoFundMe link - SleepBus

GoFundMe link - Donate to Farmer Gregie now

GoFundMe link - Morgellons