Britain First is Shill'n for Israel - A Zionist Front exposed

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Britain First is Shill’n for Israel – A Zionist Front exposed

Hey everyone and welcome back to Activist-News, today I just wanted to make a really quick video about Britain First Party in the UK. People have asked me what I think about them quite a few times, so hopefully this video will give you an idea. I’m sure many of you are familiar with them if you use Facebook, as they boast the biggest Facebook page of any British political party, at least that I’m aware of anyway. With their 1 and a half million followers, they ,manage to get a lot of viral posts, usually regarding Islam and sharia law. One of the biggest things this Facebook page seems to preach against is religious extremism and the threat of an economic and political takeover at the hands of fundamentalists. In doing this they fail to ever recognize Israel as a threat to peace in the middle east, on top of this, you have the vast majority of the senior members of Britain First who openly support Zionism and the continuous support of its ethnic cleansing campaign. To anybody with half a brain, its very easy to tell that this is just one of many Zionist fronts masquerading as a political party who seems to fish most of their support from bigots who have a very warped understanding of the geo-political situation in the middle east and its influence over the rest of the world.

Britain First, a registered UK political party, originated back in 2011 and was headed by co-founder Paul Golding, Jim Dowson and deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, A Jewish woman who officially joined the party in 2012. Jayda claims to be a christian woman, although even the Huntington post admit her family tree comes from Jewish origins. Although this party maintains its being lead by British Christians, there obvious defamation campaign seems to match the rhetoric being spewed fourth by the Hasbara fellowship agents on social media. Their attack on Halal certification and their silence on the kosher process, which is actually less humane, speaks for itself in my opinion. Britain First campaigns primarily against multiculturalism and what it sees as the Islamisation of the United Kingdom, it also makes no mention of the Jewish influence over the refugee crisis. The group first gained media attention in 2014 when the Electoral Commission controversially allowed it to use an image of murdered soldier Lee Rigby in literature to promote its standing in the European Elections. Later that year Britain First became known for their “mosque invasions” where it films members aggressively confronting Muslims in their place of worship and editing footage to make Muslims look like the hostile ones. and its just astonishing to me that, they go out and do, exactly what they are preaching against. fundamentalism. And The group does not target similar practices in Orthodox Jewish synagogues at all… no surprise, right? In one of these instances, Jayda Fransen was actually sued by the courts and was forced to apologize, however, this only increased their level of support, due to the way the mainstream media portrayed the event. this parties open support for Zionism, should be enough proof that there is something extremely fishy about this political party, so I dont understand why so many people take them seriously and why there isn’t more people, calling them out for what they are. Impostors, fear mongers and zionist agents.

Britain first exposed

Back in 2015, Britain First offered “solidarity patrols” in areas of London with high Jewish populations while blaming anti-Semitism on Islam. This actually sparked some public concern at the time as to whether or not there was a link between Jewish lobby groups and Britain first. As a result of this, The Community Security Trust, an organisation against anti-Semitism, put out a public notice to Jews to avoid association with Britain first. The PR campaign was just obvious for anyone to see really.

now, all of this should come as no surprise, because the people who are protesting against the Palestinian activist groups have been trying to smear them as a racial hate movement, constantly labeling these Palestinian human rights activists as anti-semites. Britain first is directly connected to Israel lobby groups who attempted to have the Palestine Expo shut down by the government, on the grounds of “anti-terror” measures. Now, this article comes as no huge surprise, since, back in May of 2016, the very same Paul Besser, can be seen March through the streets of London with a bunch of Zionist agitators, trying to stir p Palestinian rights groups. For an example, this Pro Zionist blog, Praises Paul Besser for his involvement in the counter protest held against, what they call “an anti semite group”.

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  1. AA

    Jayda Fransen dropped a strong hit in a BBC interview that she was molested as a child,and now she uses that pain as a weapon against Britain’s Muslim population even though her rapist was from her own culture,she would do well to direct her hate to the types that caused her harm in the first place instead.

    1. Ali babba

      Disgusting we give Jewish people tneir homeland Israel.
      The Jewish settlement in the uk are taking advantage and being arrogant self deserving.
      What about gratitude remaining humble oh no one up game.
      Self deserving is destructive and you are punishing the White British people who gave you freedom and saved you.
      The Irish were persecuted and the Indians we do not act like you.
      Gods chosen people are those who are humble forgive not forget and have gratitude.

      1. Paddy

        Agree they have an arrogant greed and must have everything.
        They think they are superior and we are stupid they play mind games and twist your reality.
        Evil and they want to conquer and divide they encourage rape pedophillia and get Asian men to rape white women.They also encpurage Asian and Black people to hate white people.
        Wake up everyone conquer and divide.
        They have infilterated the film finance to and music and social media sites to do so.
        We have have you worked out game over Irish London.
        Paddy knows your game.

        1. MOHAMMAD

          They own everything control conquer divide our day will come.
          Game over, how the fuck do they think they can thrive when the reality is they are taking the piss.Its a fucking joke and they are getting away with it.
          Do they think its ok to behave this way?
          No it’s not ENOUGH.
          FUCK OFF

        2. Seamus

          The Irish lost millions to starvation deprivation and they still don’t behave this way.The difference is they don’t dwell and they forgive not forget and are humble souls.
          Who the fuck are gods chosen people? We all are yes we all are.
          They believe they are guess what we all are so embrace we all are gods chosen people and maybe you might adjust and stop trying to control with money uprising God to give you power control freedom.To behave this way is based on FEAR stop being cowards
          And playing mind games.

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  3. Riaz

    Marion you obviously another Zionist filthy scummer – groomed by Muslims?? the biggest group of groomers are white males who rape and murder children on a weekly basis where is your vile scummy self on this you blind C???

  4. Marion..

    I think you are missing the point here. They are Britain First not sure if the name will give you a clue as to what they are about. They are Christians wrap that up any way you want but they believe in Christ who died for us, they continue to be outraged in British children being groomed and raped by gangs of filthy men of the religion of no peace. They also quiet rightly defend our livestock and the manner in which they are slaughtered. Besides that fact of immense cruelty Britain on the whole objects to eating Halal without any packing to say its Halal. Then of course there are the acid attacks, bombing of a concert where young children went to enjoy and ended up being killed and maimed. Every day in every way real British people their values and traditions are been taken from them. The latest being free speech so instead of slating Jayda & Paul wake the hell up smell a rat and make people aware of what is been hidden from them while Britain First are being slated. They stand up for their people with pride and honor something the media couldnt even comprehend. The list is long of the atrocities being committed day in day out on our people and while President Trump tweeted a few videos showing just a little of what we are up against that is only the tip of the iceberg. So continue to sneer at them look down your nose and demonise them. But lets be clear they are doing what they feel is right for their countries and beliefs. So sneer all you want call yourself a christian but lets not fool yourself you are a puppet just like the rest of the media.

    1. Earthlinggb

      Marion: Absolute claptrap. They’re jewish lackeys to the core. As is Tommy Robinson, as is UKIP; as is Donald Trump. The reason Donald Trump gave BF some publicity!

      1. Kalid

        Yes they are all followers of Jewish Zionism brain washed thinking the Zionists are on their sides.
        Guess what they are exremists for Israel nothing to do with morals religion.
        You fucking idiots wake up were are your christain morals save your country and not make it into a mini Israel.
        United we just stand check out their backgrounds first talk is cheap do your homework, wake up.
        We are united liberal and fair we do not not do extremism we except liberal ethnic minorities and we should respect each other get a grip we are giving to much power to these piss taking fuckers.
        We don’t persecute we control our country our Christian values our people our film finance m15
        government our social media we do accept being down trodden by these people no we must never give up never?Do you know Jewish people call white people Goys a name for non Jewish people they don’t like us respect us insulting we are thorough bred they are not mixed Arabic Russian Eastern European.We are dealing with a mixed up race.
        How dare them.

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