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Finally, the goyim revolution is here! Activist-news has decided to celebrate their milestone of 12,000 YouTube subscribers by doing a regular Interview Series’. We plan on bringing you information that is completely unheard of in the mainstream, the sort of News that the corporate media refuses to touch. In an attempt to wake people up to the mainstream media propaganda we have initiated this series and already we have had a fairly successful run. The main focus of this series is to discuss Jewish power, Zionism, talmudic mysticism and how all of these elements effect us. We also have a wide arrange of other topics and special guests, be sure to join us live, ask questions and even shape the conversation. Join in and don’t miss out.

Brendon O’Connel Interview 26/12/17

Chris Dorsey interview 18/12/17

Episode 7 With Luke Mckee – OTO and Pedogate

Episode 6 – Jerusalem Attack, Naga theology & Putin

Episode 5 – cryptocurrency, hamas & Tawhidi

Episode 4 – White genocide & the Kalergi plan

Episode 3 – Expanding Israeli borders & solidarity