About Us

About Activist News

Is an independent, not-for-profit, community organisation. Our main focus is to share non-bias news (News that isn’t tainted by plutocracy and greed), to promote upcoming community events relating to human rights, technology and activism. One of our primary focuses is on alerting people about the spread of Zionism and Jewish talmudic supremacy.
We believe information should be free so we strive to provide information and tools to help you become more socially aware, enable you to get more involved with local events, to help you learn more effective ways to find information and to help keep your privacy intact in today’s age of surveillance.
We are a grassroots organisation who believes in the freedom of speech and information. We are not restricted by political motivations, corporate sponsorship, or private investors as we have none. Our main hb is over at YouTube, where we upload a few time a week. If you wish to support us or our content, we have a Patreon account and a steemit account.


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Our Goal

Is to be a continuously growing network that will remain community based and free, to promote human rights and social justice, the right to freedom of speech, information and association, to spread awareness and share stories that usually remain unheard. We will also campaign against Zionism and what we view as a threat to peace on earth
We want to provide people with the tools and information needed to help them think for themselves and see behind what the mainstream media are telling us so they in turn can help others do the same, through event and campaign organising, information sharing and the promotion of community. We want to encourage people to find their own facts instead of blindly following what they have been told to believe.

Our Network

is vast, although we have activist roots, our sources and contributors range from people in war torn countries with eye witness accounts, to your everyday Mum or Dad.  We are frequently involved in organising events to spread awareness, petitioning the Australian Government and keeping a close eye on corruption. We are people from all walks of life, who value integrity and only published fact checked and well researched material.

Activist News Australia is always looking to help and expand, so be sure to contact us if you have anything you’d like to contribute or if you have a cause worth supporting, get in touch with us.

Our Vision

is to be a reputable source for genuine information, a place where people come to find out what is going on in Australia and around the world. We aim to provide a platform where everybody can contribute and share their own experiences, where people can come for help with issues or events, or to find tools and tutorials on a range of subjects. Our vision is to help people think for themselves, to help put an end to corruption and greed, to ensure everyone has a voice and pave the way for a brighter future. Once the truth has been seen, it cannot be unseen